Iyabo Ojo, Victoria Inyama argue over Yul Edochie’s marriage saga

Iyabo Ojo

Actresses Iyabo Ojo and Victoria Inyama have engaged in an argument over their colleague Yul Edochie’s marriage to his second wife Judy Austin.

The celebrities debated over the issue during an Instagram live session on Thursday hosted by media personality Daddy Freeze.

According to Iyabo cheating and adultery have become a trend in the movie industry and the country, she also lamented the judiciary system of the country which she described as broken.

The actress also said that little or nothing can be done about the current situation because it has become a norm and cannot change.

Reacting to this, Victoria, a UK-based actress, countered Iyabo saying that Nigerians should find a solution and fight for women’s rights. She noted that during her time as an actress, celebrities were cautious of their actions and did not cheat on their wives with their colleagues.

Iyabo disagreed with Victoria’s claims saying that she has also been in the industry for as long as Victoria has and she witnessed and was a victim of sexual harassment. She suggested that the only solution is to pray for Yul Edochie’s first wife.

“With all due respect Maybe it is because I am not in Nigeria but When I was in Nigeria things were different,” Victoria said.

“You think things were different during your time because there was no social media bringing every shit out there,” Iyabo replied.