I’ve been battling kidney issues for 20 years, musician Pupa Tee cries out for support

Musician Pupa Tee

Music artiste Adelaja Adetola David, known professionally as Pupa Tee has cried out to the public for financial support to undergo a kidney transplant.

The Dancehall artiste has been posting several videos on his Instagram account, asking his followers for financial assistance.

Pupa Tee said he has been having kidney-related issues for the past 20 years and has recently started dialysis and was told he needs to be on constant dialysis to stay healthy and getting a transplant would be a permanent solution to him.

“This is very unusual for me to come to the public to talk about my situation but at the end of the day life is the most important thing and having good health is essential.

“For the past 20 years, I’ve been having kidney issues and kidney complications and I’ve done different things to overcome this problem but it persists It recently got so bad that I needed to start dialysis which I have started I have gone through a series of dialysis and I was told that I need to stay on dialysis to stay healthy it was proposed that for me to have a permanent solution I need a kidney transplant that’s why I decided to make this video to call to the public and ask for help and another chanced to live.

“I have a fulfilment not to make and I need you guys to help me fight for another chance. I needed donations for another kidney transplant guys please help me,” he said.

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Pupa Tee also added a link to his GoFundMe account for those who wish to make donations.

Comedian Kofi Da Guru also said in a video that the artiste needs 15 million naira and he has two weeks to raise the funds or he might not survive.