Musician Daddy Fresh battling with stroke, seeks financial support

Musician Daddy Fresh

Veteran musician Innocent Onyebuchi, popularly known as Daddy Fresh, has disclosed battling with a partial stroke for over two years.

The singer revealed this in a recent video shared on music producer Nelson Brown’s Instagram page in which he stated that he is at high risk of kidney failure and prostate problems.

He said: “I’m diagnosed of partial stroke and I’m also at a very high risk of Kidney failure and prostate problem. I have been facing this for over two years, and I was handling it on my own, believing it would not take this long, but my purpose in God disposes. Right now, as it is for me, it’s hitting me so hard that I couldn’t imagine.

“I need your help, and I am soliciting for help right now because I have exhausted all I have on me. Despite being on the bed, I still try to reach other people who are in need and passing through their pains. The difference is I hide my own from people because I believe I’ll be able to handle it.”

The ‘My Okoso’ singer appealed to Nigerians for financial support, noting that he could no longer fight the disease alone.

He urged Nigerians not to allow him to die because he had not fulfilled his purpose on earth.

“I support those in need to ensure they are good because that is my purpose in life, to be beneficial to everyone in the world close to me, even those who are not close, and I don’t even care to know if you’re near or not, what matters is you have to stay alive.

“So, as it is right now, it has gotten to the stage where I can’t fund it anymore. Please, my dear people, I now appeal to you to save a soul because my mission on earth is incomplete, and it will hurt me badly to go this way. I have a lot of people out there who are looking up to me and God to get to their career destination in life. Kindly help me; it will give me great joy to contribute to their career and get to the level they ought to,” he added.

Daddy Fresh began his musical career in the mid-1980s. His tracks ‘Elerugbe Erue, ‘Faka Fiki faka’, and ‘Fiji fa’ collectively sold over 300,000 units in Lagos state.

Some of his other songs include ‘Evil Suit’, ‘Syncro Dance’, ‘My Okoso’, ‘Ko Le Tan’, ‘Oyoyo’, ‘Winchy Winchy’, ‘God of Miracle’ and ‘Ur Love’.

Daddy Fresh was a founding member, lead vocalist, and songwriter of the ‘DE Pretty Busy Boys’ group, which included Daddy Showkey, Cashman Davies, and Sexy Pretty. The group was famous in the 90s.