Impostors have cloned my voice – Ajimobi’s wife

Florence Ajimobi

Florence Ajimobi, wife of the Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, on Thursday said that some members of the opposition parties have begun circulating false audio files using her voice.

She said this while addressing women at an empowerment programme at the Lekan Salami Stadium Ibadan.

She said that the audio tape was made to appear that she criticised her husband and that he was retiring from politics due to age.

Mrs Ajimobi urged the people not to pay attention to the tape.

She said, “Yesterday, some people mimicked my voice and said that my husband is no longer interested in politics because he’s too old. I didn’t say anything of such and the audio broadcast is not me.

“Besides, age is just a number. Some persons are fifty something years old and they are not as sensible and reasonable as my husband.

“I have handed them over to God. As they plan to defame me, God will defame them. I will not mention their names; they have started circulating it online.

“I am scared, I thought those who go on holy pilgrimage regularly should be holy and righteous, but they are just wicked people. Some of them were given tickets in APC, yet they betrayed us and left for another party and diverted all the benefits that should have come to our people.”

About 1,000 women were empowered with N20,000 cash and various small scale business equipment.