I can run relay race, says 82-year-old Kumuyi

William Kumuyi

Founder and general superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry Pastor William Kumuyi on Wednesday said he can run a relay race despite being 82 years old.

Kumuyi said on his arrival in Benin City, Edo State capital for a six-day crusade that he has new visions to drive and does not intend to retire soon.

He said, “If you rest while you are not tired; if you rest while your vision is becoming brighter; if you rest when you see farther than you saw 50 years ago, you will not be called the wise man.

“I’m getting the vision, more anointing, strength, and power. I can run a relay race today more than I could 50 years ago. When I start getting tired, I can start thinking of retirement. But for now, the vision is coming so fast that I’m trying to catch up. So, no retirement yet.

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“I have great remembrance of what took place in earlier years when I started coming to Edo State. I’m thinking about things that happened and am excited. I want to see greater things happening at this time.”

Kumuyi also recalled the impact of similar conferences, saying, “There was a woman that was paralysed and was brought from the village and came to the crusade, and I prayed for everyone, and lives were changed.

“I told this woman to go and that she has gotten her miracle and she cried. She got to her village and low and behold when they wanted to help her from the lorry, the power of God came upon her and she stood up from the lorry herself and it was a great scene.”