Old video of Kumuyi calling for caution in imposing head-covering rules on women trends

An old video of the general superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi, cautioning ushers in his church to stop imposing head-covering rules on women has been trending on social media since Sunday.

In the video, the 81-year-old lamented that many Christians who don’t know how to interpret the word of God are driving people away from the church.

He said, “Somebody is coming to our church for the first time. And she happens to be a lady not covering her head. We ask the person to cover her head before coming in. We don’t know whether the person knows God or not. We confront her out there before she even enters the church. We don’t know if she does not know how to pray or prophesy. But we impose rules on her.

“If I were the person, I would wonder what kind of church is this? If they treat me like a primary school girl, that will be my last time coming to the church.”

Kumuyi cited 1 Corinthians 11:5, stating that women should have their heads covered while praying or prophesying.

Early this year, Kumuyi was criticised by some persons who claim to be his members for inviting a former chairman of First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, Ibukun Awosika; gospel singer, Dunsin Oyekan; and co-founder of Andela, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, to his church.

According to his critics, Kumuyi lately has been extending his arms to accommodate everyone as against the church’s alleged earlier stance of closely guarded walls.