I believe in Cynthia Morgan – Tacha

Tacha Big Brother Naija

Ex-Big Brother Naija star, Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha, has expressed her support for singer, Cynthia Morgan, after she revealed her challenges with her former record label, Northside Entertainment.

The 24-year-old expressed confidence in Cynthia’s ability to make a comeback on on Sunday.

She tweeted, “Cynthia Morgan I believe in you (seriously who doesn’t love you?), and I promise to give my support by promoting your music or new project!! when you’re back to f*** s*** up!!”

She added, “My heart bleeds for you in this trying times, but one I’m sure of “you will bounce back and do greater than you did in the past.”

Cynthia had earlier revealed that she had lost access to her social media accounts and the use of her former stage name at the expiration of her contract with her former label, Northside Entertainment, owned by Jude Okoye.

Jude’s brother, Peter, had earlier confirmed Cynthia’s allegation and revealed that he had offered her a contract which she rejected.

He tweeted, “My dear C Morgan, The decision I made 3yrs ago was never about the firm, money, or power! It was for my freedom! Sad you rejected the contract I gave u. Just because they made you see me like the bad egg. I pray you understand that God has a purpose for everything. Never give up.”

Jude, however, denied the allegations during an Instagram Live chat with blogger, Tunde Ednut.

“I spent almost N40 million on you. Have I ever gone to court to gain an injunction against you?. Abeg when you tell people what I did to you. Did you tell them I gave you a Range Rover, Did you tell them I gave you a house? Did you tell people how many shows you don do behind my back?,” he said during the interview held on Sunday.