How Shatta Wale described self as ‘proud Naija boy’ years back


A tweet made by Ghanaian rapper Shatta Wale two years ago has re-surfaced on social media following his recent rants against Nigerian artistes.

The 37-year-old tweeted on December 10, 2019 that he was a “proud Naija boy” after getting a Nigerian passport.

“Thank God I just got my Naija passport with with permit. Proud Naija boy,” he wrote.

Since the tweet re-surfaced, social media users have been wondering why the rapper suddenly turned against the country he was once proud to associate himself with.

Shatta Wale’s rants on Monday began after he was questioned over his comments about selling out a Ghanaian stadium for his concert without the help of Nigerian artistes.

He said, “As for Nigerians, they think they can always say what they want to say. F**k your talks. Y’all who think I spoke the truth, I don’t even remember you guys promoting Ghanaian artiste in your country. Until you guys will realise your artiste ‘blew’ in Ghana to say thank you.

“Bring it on and your artiste won’t get that hype they get from Ghana. I can make that stop. Don’t dare me.

“It’s the truth, your artistes come here for numbers before the world can recognise them. Appreciate Ghana supporting your artiste and stop this foolishness.”

He added, “I won’t follow your artiste like some of my colleagues. If you do, I go wash your face with your own shame. Be thankful to Ghana for supporting your artiste and stop talking trash on here.

“No one can tell me anything. F**k all of you; because your thinking is not my thinking. Appreciate Ghana. period.

“Stop talking if we sing good music. Kwasia can’t you see what KiDi is doing. Foolish talks and foolish comments. Learn to say thank you. Ghana is your gateway.”

In a cryptic reaction, Burna Boy said in a post on Instastory that he would have spoken about the issue but he was being cautious following intoxication from alcohol.