Gentle Jack pays tribute to mum

Nollywood actor Gentle Jack has paid tribute to his mother who died in November many years ago.

The 49-year-old in an Instagram post said he misses his mother.

“Rest on sweet Mother you taught me a lot today I’m a grown up man Rest in peace my mother. NANE I miss you,” he wrote on Wednesday.

In an interview with the Punch Newspapers published in December 2018, he said that his mum warned him never to join the military and even slapped an uncle for insisting that he joined.

He said, “However, my mum swore that no matter what I tried to do in life, I should ensure that I never joined the military. She said if I tried it, then it would mean I was not hers. When she said that, I understood the power of the words of a mother over her child. She even went further to warn my uncle to his face. There was even a time she slapped him because of this issue as he was insisting I should join the military.”