Former NTA director Grace Egbagbe celebrates mum at 92

Grace Egbagbe

Former executive director, marketing at the Nigerian Television Authority Grace Egbagbe is celebrating her mum Kate Egbagbe who turned 92 on Easter Monday.

The socialite posted a message on Instagram and Facebook to celebrate the milestone.

“Our Darling Mother, Chief Kate Egbagbe, is 92yrs today, 5th of April 2021. We thank God for her life and the many graces He has bestowed upon her and us. Thank you Lord!” she wrote.

Ms Egbagbe, who now resides in the US, hosted a dinner at a hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos in January 2020 for a belated celebration of her mum’s 90th birthday.

In a post to celebrate 2020 Mother’s Day on March 15, the theatre art and law graduate wrote: “Shout out to my dear mama who at 91+ is still my greatest mentor and advisor!

“Shout out too to my children who have made me the most fulfilled and happiest mom in the world!”

Before exiting the Nigerian social circle, Egbagbe was a regular at high profile events and was one of the most photographed women in the country.

She has a son named Nkemjika with late former Vice President Alex Ekwueme.