Five reasons Nigerians celebrate new Premier League season

Claudio Ranieri lifts Premier League trophy

The start of a new Premier League season may signify different things to different people but to an average Nigerian, it sure offers several mouth-watering and enticing opportunities.

With the 2016/17 football season set to kick-off on Saturday, we highlight five of these benefits.

  1. No more boring weekends

Nigerians usually resort to Premier League games to help ease the stress of the working days. During the summer break, there was little to spice the weekends for these ones especially in a country plagued by economic recession and unrivalled hardship.

  1. It’s boom time for football centres and bars

Football centres, bars and hotel services will most certainly boom when the Premier League begins. An average Nigerian prefers to watch football matches alongside friends and loved ones away from home which in turn is a massive source of income for others.

  1. Fresh episode for bookmakers

The new culture in the world’s most populous black nation is that of sports betting. This new season could pave the way for some Nigerians to nick and earn some cash from their passion.

  1. Return of crazy rivalry

The rivalry between friends and family about the English game is simply amazing. The Premiership has become Nigeria’s adopted league with a large chunk of the population supporting one team or the other.

  1. Ushers in European football

The start of the Premier League signals the commencement of all other top leagues across Europe. The Spanish and Italian Leagues will kick-off two weeks after while there’s only one month until the UEFA Champions League begins.