5 facts everybody should know about Shina Peters at 60

sir shina peters

Afro-juju creator, Shina Peters, clocked 60 on Wednesday.

Below are five highlights from his illustrious career everybody should know.

Meeting with Ebenezer Obey

Sir Shina Peters thrust into music began at a young age. He served as an apprentice under Chief Ebenezer Obey and later joined General Prince Adekunle’s band where he learned to play the guitar and the piano and sing.

The groundbreaking Ace (Afro-juju series 1) album

In 1989, Shina Peters released his first album which he titled Ace (Afro—Juju series 1). The album which was released under CBS Records of Nigeria went double platinum and was the career breakthrough that catapulted Peters into the limelight. Ace was produced by Laolu Akins.

Recognition and awards

The album Ace went on to garner awards for Peters including the artist and album of the Year at the Nigerian Musical Awards. He followed Ace with Shinamania (Afro-Juju Series 2) which went on to further prove that he was on the verge to change and revolutionize the Juju Music scene in Africa.

Sold albums worldwide

Sir Shina Peters has sold millions of albums worldwide and took his music to the shores of South Africa, Europe, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and United States. Sir Shina Peters was signed on a US tour to Orbit Entertainment in 2012, his USA agency based in New York.

Regarded as the creator of Afro-juju

Sir Shina Peters is regarded as the creator of a well-respected music genre (Afro-juju) that exists in its own class till this day. He currently has 16 album releases to his credit.