Up and coming musicians prefer hip-hop to Fuji – Adewale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba

Fuji music veteran, Adewale Ayuba, has said that he said that up and coming musicians prefer hip-hop to Fuji due to the huge financial involvement in the production of Fuji.

The 55-year-old said this in a chat with the News Agency of Nigeria adding that the loss of attention for Fuji was sad.

“We must not jettison ours for the foreign music. We have many up-and-coming artistes who are ready to embrace Fuji music but when they realize the financial commitment involved, they run to embrace Afro, hip-hop, rhymes and blues.

“I am not happy with this development because I believe we are supposed to promote everything that is ours as a nation. Fuji is our music but Afro, hip-hop, Rhymes and blues are not,” he said.

The ‘Bonsue’ singer also urged the Federal Government to implement strict sanctions against pirates in order to allow Fuji musicians make returns on their investments.

He opined that life imprisonment should be the appropriate punishment for pirates.

In his words: “I am appealing to the Federal Government to sanction pirate by making them serve life imprisonment after prosecution.

“When we have one or two pirates sentenced to life imprisonment, others in the business will abandon the illegal activity.

“Pirates have made life difficult for everyone in the entertainment industry; government must wade in quickly.”