Adewale Ayuba releases new album Fujify Your Soul.

Adewale Ayuba

Fuji musician Adewale Ayuba has released a seven-track album titled Fujify Your Soul.

The 56-year-old released the album on Sunday.

Tracks in the album are ‘Fujify Your Soul’, ‘Calling’, ‘Koloba Koloba’, ‘Sibi Mi’, ‘Jekarira’, ‘Asiwaju Ikenne Remo Adeleke Adeshina’ and ‘Sookun Family’.

Speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) last week, the Bonsue Fuji exponent said the album emphasised the need to embrace love and Fuji music.

“The tracks have strong messages about love, the essence of imbibing monogamy and correcting the notion that being a musician does not allow one to concentrate on one wife.

“Musicians can live in affluence and still be decent,” he said.

He also advised Christians and Muslims to live uprightly as dictated by their religion.

The musician called on Nigerians to embrace Fuji music and be proud of it wherever they are.

“Like Reggae music is for the Jamaicans, so should Fuji music be for us Nigerians.

“It is indigenous to us; so, we must uphold it,” he said.

The album’s release a day after Nigeria’s presidential election is also of significance to the man popularly known as Mr Johnson.

“In this 2023 election, the light of God will take darkness away forever in our nation Nigeria,” he wrote in a message promoting the album on social media.