Female soldier arrested after bizarre punishment to NYSC member in Calabar

NYSC member punished by female soldier

The Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police (NACMP) have arrested a female soldier who was caught on camera manhandling Ifeyinwa Ezeiruaku, a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Cross River State.

In a video that went viral on social media, Lieutenant Chika Anele is seen bathing Ezeiruaku, who was on her knees, with what looked like muddy water after which she hit her with a bowl.

Ezeiruaku was reportedly serving at 13 Brigade Headquarters in Calabar at the time of the incident. Reports say Ezeiruaku had an argument with the soldier before she was punished.

Journalist Agba Jalingo had shared a video of the incident on Facebook, calling on the public to also share the video on social media.

“#JusticeForIfenyinwa. This is what a commissioned female Army officer, Lt. Chika Viola Anele, did to a youth corps member, Ezeiruaku Ifeyinwa Fidelia, serving at the 13 Brigade headquarters in Calabar after having an argument,” he had written.

Mr Jalingo, however, gave an update on Thursday that the soldier had been arrested.

“The Army Officer, Lt. Chika Viola Anele, who was caught on video dehumanising and humiliating a Youth Corper, Ezeiruaku Ifenyinwa Fidelia in Calabar earlier, has just been arrested by the MP, after our report and under interrogation. #JusticeForIfenyinwa,” he wrote.