Emma Nyra knocks male celebrities for working with abuser

Emma Nyra

Singer, Emma Nyra, has criticised the male celebrities, whom she told about being abused, for speaking up against violence against women even though they have continued to work with her abuser.

The 31-year-old who in April 2015, accused her former record label boss, Ubi Franklin, of “terrorising and abusing her and other members of the label with physical and verbal force,” made the statement on Twitter on Friday.

“I can see all the male celebrities and notable figures that I told my story to in confidence trying to speak up for abuse now. You lot still kept working with the same man. Its actually making me sick. I feel so sick right now,” she wrote.

The ‘Drop It’ singer also offered to help other victims of abuse share their stories and get help.

She tweeted, “If there are any victims of abuse who do not have the courage or strength to speak up please get in contact with me and I will assist you as best as I can. I will always offer my help to you as best as I can. We are survivors and we are stronger together.”

Several male celebrities including D’banj, Peruzzi, and Uti Nwachukwu, have faced allegations of sexual abuse in recent times, allegations which they have all denied.

It was earlier announced that the Inspector-General of Police, Mouhammed Adamu, had ordered a probe into the case against D’banj while Uti Nwachuwku’s accuser deleted the social media accounts in which she first made the abuse claims after he took legal action against her.