Celebrities are easy targets for society – Kaffy


Dancer Kafayat Shafau popularly known as Kaffy has said that celebrities are easy targets for society.

The Guinness Book record-breaker said this in an Instagram live with Daddy Freeze.

According to her, most people blame celebrities for a lot of things that go wrong in society instead of the government, forgetting that celebrities are also human beings.

“I believe that we are getting to a point where because of all the social pressures in Nigeria and the economy the people are looking for someone to hold responsible for everything and anything that goes wrong and the easy targets are celebrities, celebrities cannot make mistakes ned to be out there it’s the celebrities that will find the government its the celebrities that must not be able to go to a school and say my child is bullied and not get a backlash for it,” she said.

Speaking on her career as a dancer Kaffy said she has faced too many challenges because most people think that dancing is not a lucrative career.

Watch the live interview below.