Davido vows to oversee N250m donation to charity


Pop singer Davido has vowed to make sure that the N250m donation to charity gets to those intended for.

The singer made the promise after a fan questioned the intention of the welfare officers in charge of making sure the money gets to the orphans and less privileged as decided by Davido.

“I told mum what Davido did and I’ve never seen her revolt so passionately against something. She said the money won’t get to the children cos welfare officers steal it all. I hate Nigeria She said it’s so bad that nurses never want to leave welfare homes when they’re posted there,” the fan wrote on Twitter.

Assuring the fan in a Twitter post on Monday, Davido promised never to let anyone misuse or embezzle the funds meant for charity.

“I will personally make sure this doesn’t happen,” he wrote.

Davido had announced on Saturday, said that he is donating N200 million raised from his N1m challenge started a few days ago on social media to orphanages, motherless babies homes and foundations, including Paroche Foundation, across Nigeria.

The singer has also fulfilled his promise of donating an additional N50 million to the money.

Davido shared a screenshot of the new account balance on Instagram.