Davido hosts late Obama DMW’s son


Singer Davido hosted Abdulmaleek, son of his former aide, late Obama DMW, at his home on Banana Island.

A video of the duo at Davido’s house was uploaded on Instagram on Tuesday.

In the video, Davido is seen taking a stroll in his new home, moments later he bumped into Abudulmaleek while walking back in.

The singer screamed in excitement as they hugged each other while posing for the camera to take photos.

Obama died in June 2021, after complaining of shortness of breath.

In a tribute to the deceased, Davido described Obama as his backbone, stating that his death hurts him so much.

“This is by far the hardest thing I’ve had to write. I am hurt, broken, sad, and lost. For the first time in my life, I am extremely confused. The pain is one I cannot explain. 44 was more than an elder brother to me, he was a protector. He was someone that literally just always made me smile. He would do absolutely anything to make me smile, no matter the issue or problems I had.

“His response was always ‘don’t worry, I’ll talk to them’. ‘Don’t worry I’ll sort it out’. ‘Don’t worry I’ll give them something’. I would never believe in a million years I will be writing a tribute like this to someone so dear to me this soon. All my life it’s been ‘David you’re strong, David you’re strong’. 44 I won’t lie to you, this time around, this one weak me. I miss you so much 44,” he wrote.