Daddy Freeze back on Instagram

Daddy Freeze of Cool FM

Radio presenter and promoter of #FreeTheSheeple hashtag, Daddy Freeze, returned to Instagram on Wednesday, three days after he accused Nigerian pastors of hacking his account.

The anti-tithing crusader tagged his return “the resurrection” and has so far moderated his comments about the clergy.

The #Resurrection! – #FreeTheSheeple #TheFreeNation #DaddyFreeze

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In the absence of his popular Instagram account, the Cool FM OAP used his Twitter account to denounce Nigerian pastors for allegedly plotting to shut him up.

He also opened a temporary Instagram account with which he took on Ubi Franklin who described his campaign against tithing as “rubbish”.

It is for instances like these, that I opened a temporary Instagram account, pending when my main one gets restored. – Dear @ubifranklintriplemg, I have never insulted your person, so you stating that I am “saying rubbish” is quite unfair. – You said tithing was in the Bible and you obey it. Please what part of the Bible if I may ask? Is it Deuteronomy 14:22-26 that says we should eat our tithe in the place the LORD has chosen? Or is it Malachi 3:8-10 that was debunked by this your same pastor when he said, from a post where his last sermon was quoted on Linda Ikeji’s blog, that Christians are not under any curse for not paying tithe? – I’m not sure Pastor Paul would have chosen you to be the mouthpiece of his ‘grace’ doctrine, especially in light of your benightedness on this particular subject. – Following the footsteps of many of your pastors, you haven’t addressed my ‘rubbish’ with the Bible. Instead, you have used your personal ‘sentiment’ and ’emotions’ to debate my claims. – Dear brother, we are all entitled to our feelings, emotions, sentiment and ‘understanding’. Unfortunately, we aren’t entitled to our own facts and your attempt to debunk my ‘facts’ with your ’emotions’ is only doing the doctrine you swear by, a huge disservice. – Furthermore, if you stick by your pastor’s ‘grace’ doctrine of ‘unmerited favor’ saying you tithe is indirectly saying you are paying for this favor, rendering its claim of being ‘unmerited’, all but futile! – I would also implore you, via this medium, to stop propagating the misguided notion, built on the proposition that when you pay tithe to a pastor, you are giving it to God. This false premise forms the bedrock upon which many false doctrines are constructed. If you want to ‘give to God, let Matthew 25:32 guide you, as it’s the main instance where giving to God is explained. – In my own opinion, you and pastor Paul should be busy looking for bible verses that show where our first ‘pastors’, the 12 disciples collected tithe and pointing out, with scriptural evidence, where believers that weren’t Jewish, paid tithe. – I sincerely wish you good luck in your search! ~FRZ #daddyfreeze #FreeTheSheeple

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Shortly before his account was suspended, Daddy Freeze had crossed swords with singer Timi Dakolo over divorce and tithing.