Actor Clem Ohameze to undergo surgery

Veteran actor Clem Ohameze has asked Nigerians to pray for him as he undergoes spinal cord surgery.

The actor made the appeal in a video that circulated the internet on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, where he disclosed that the surgery will fix his cervical vertebrae and help him regain control of his limbs.

He also noted that the restriction in movement is the reason for his absence from the movie screens.

The 56-year-old also stated that the surgery feels scary but he must however undergo the procedure if he is to regain full movement again.

The actor also asked for thoughts and prayers as he makes his decision.

“I seriously need people’s thoughts and prayers as I go in for this procedural surgery,” he said.

Narrating his ordeal, the veteran said that was involved in a car accident some time ago and was taken to the hospital, while he was being treated it was discovered that his lower limb was affected which caused pressure on his spinal cord.

He got better for a while, only to discover that he was experiencing difficulty in movement which led him back to the hospital for an x-ray.

The result of an x-ray showed that his cervical vertebrae three had collapsed on four and it was causing pressure on his spinal cord thereby causing the retardment of the lower limb.

He also said that the doctors explained the surgical procedure to him, which made him scared.

“After they showed me the procedure and how it’s been done, I was scared. I was told that they are going to cut open the neck and physically separate the cervical vertebrae three from four and then use an iron plate to plate it with some screws so it can remain permanent. It was scary but I have no choice,” he said in the video.