Odunlade Adekola debunks ‘sex for roles’ allegation

Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola

Nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola, has debunked the allegation that he demands sex in exchange for movie roles.

An Instagram blogger had recently accused him of demanding for sex from his female colleagues in exchange for movie roles.

Reacting to the allegation in an Instagram post on Thursday, the 44-year-old urged his accusers to come forward with their claims.

“You don’t need to reply everything but there are some things that they will say about you and you need to clear it, let me clear this one. They said that I normally ask for s*x before giving anybody a role. They said that I ask them for s*x before giving them a role in my movie, me? I’m saying this now, and I’m putting it to every one of them, everybody that has passed through me, all the ladies that have through me, it is only God that can make you a star, nobody can make you a star.

“But every one of them, I mean the ladies, if I’ve ever asked you for s*x before I gave you any role, please come out. You will prosper, you will be great, but I need to clear this, just come out and say it under this video, anyone that is in that shoe. I just have to come out and say this and clear it because of the young ones that are coming into the industry later, I just have to do this,” he said.

Over the years, the actor has been accused of having sexual relationships with three actresses.

It was rumoured that Odunlade had an affair with Eniola Taiwo Ajao, with whom he has played many romantic roles in movies.

It was also rumoured that he was having an affair with Bukola Adeeyo, who is a member of his production team.

The birth of Bukola’s daughter, Janelle in 2007, intensified the rumours of their affair, as he was suspected to be the father of the child.

Both parties debunked the rumour and Bukola explained that she and her husband, who is also an actor, had decided to keep their relationship off the media. She said her relationship with Odunlade is strictly professional and there are photos of her baby and her father on the internet.

Odunlade was also accused of impregnating another colleague, Kemi Afolabi. The actress who is currently married to Wale Adesipe later debunked the rumours, saying her husband and Odunlade are close friends.

Born in Ogun State, Odunlade is married to Ruth Adekola, they have four children together.