Chioma Ifemeludike calls out preacher who allegedly threatened her life

Actress Chioma Ifemeludike has called out Esosa Ighodaro a Nigerian-US-based preacher whom she accused of threatening her life.

The actress shared Facebook conversations on Instagram on Tuesday, claiming that the preacher asked her to apologised for posting a video calling out Founder of Omega Fire Ministry Apostle Johnson Suleman.

In a lengthy post, Chioma said she received a message from the preacher who she claimed attacked her with threatening and manipulative messages.

“Mr Esosa Ighodaro (on Facebook), you came in my dm on the 21st September 2021 and attacked me with these manipulative and threatening messages, you said I will die after 3days if I don’t publicly apologise to your “god of man” I’m making this post public to remind you that you’re not God, from the day you sent this threat I have traveled from Lagos(2weeks)-London(5weeks)-Abj (1week)-Asaba-(2days)-Lagos(2week) through Air and on the land and no harm has touched me.

“Ps. If anything happens to me then you Mr Esosa Ighodaro will be held responsible because you mammon worshipers desperately want cover your evil acts but you’re playing with fire,” she wrote.

In another Instagram post, Chioma wrote: “Oga I got your message on Facebook, if anything happens to me or my loved ones you will be held responsible and accountable! You live in a foreign country and respect human fundamental rights and dignity? Wait for me!

“I will write a petition against you from that country you’re hiding to United Nations 🇺🇳, you’re a religious fanatic, bigot, extremist and a disaster to humanity.”

In August 2021, Chioma alleged that she slept with Suleman in 2016. According to her, her colleague Lynda Clems linked her to Suleman who paid for her sexual services.