Caroline Danjuma clears air on relationship with Timaya

Caroline Danjuma

Actress Caroline Danjuma has cleared the air on the nature of her relationship with singer Timaya.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, the actress called out an Instagram blogger who she accused of spreading false news about her after the latter reported that she was involved in a romantic relationship with Timaya.

Addressing the report, Caroline slammed the blogger, she also stated that Timaya is her friend.

“You gutter bloggers need a lot of schooling…like two opposite-sex adults can’t be ORDINARY friends again? Something must happen? Enough of this silly mentality. I ain’t ashamed of whom I have been with or who I will be with.

“Don’t cook up stories for clout. If you have nothing better to do with your blog find out solutions to make Africa’s economy better.”

Clearing the air on her relationship with the singer, the movie star wrote: “Since you put up my picture I needed to come down to your level to address you. Timaya is my friend you can drink poison respectfully if it hurts.”