Toyin Lawani, Caroline Danjuma reconcile two years after messy fight

Toyin Lawani

Fashion stylist Toyin Lawani and actress Caroline Danuma have reconciled two years after their messy fight on social media.

The Real Housewives of Lagos reality stars got into several heated conversations during the first season of the show and made several allegations against each other.

As a result of her misunderstanding with Toyin and other cast of the show, Caroline departed from the series after the first season leaving their beef unsettled.

However, in an Instagram post on Saturday, the duo revealed that they have finally settled their beef. Toyin explained that Caroline reached out when she lost her pregnancy and also sent goodwill messages during her health crisis and for that she remains ns grateful.

Toyin, who shared a photo of herself and Caroline, wrote: “Even amidst differences, true strength lies in solidarity, In a world where it’s not even amidst differences, true strength lies in solidarity, In a world where it’s normal for powerful women to clash, Disagree or have differences, Their ability to uplift and support one another in such times transcends all boundaries.

“Reaching out or showing support, doesn’t mean you’re weak it shows that aside being a human, you can be an angel @carolynahutchingshomes stay blessed and love you always.

“We are Amazing mothers who are willing to set good examples for our children. We are able to apologise to one another and move on for the greater good of the future And examples that we set to a lot of young girls out there who look up to us , Who we are mentors to ,They say when a friendship is true ,Even if it has rough moments.

“They will always find their way back to one another. When I lost my last pregnancy, She reached out but I didn’t see that message till today and yet when she heard about my hailing health she reached out once again.

“This Act is commendable and for everyone out there to emulateTiabanja Bitikakuko 🙏 You have shown so much maturity and love’ At times you can give a shoulder not because you want to but just because it the right thing to do ,A big thank you to @carolynahutchingshomesI’m proud of you 👏I never stopped loving you though ❤️⭐️ Both of our Pictures were Shot by the lens lord @segun_wealth owl.”

Caroline also penned a reconciliation message to Toyin on her Instagram account.