Patience Ozokwo sheds tears as Mercy Johnson surprises her with gifts on movie set

Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwo Mama G

Actress Patience Ozokowo could not hold back her emotions as her junior colleague Mercy Johnson surprised her with gifts on the set of her latest series.

Mercy who is currently filming the second season of the series In-Laws featuring Patience, Yvonne Jegede and others, shared a video of the veteran showering praises on her after she presented her senior colleague with bundles of cash and wrappers.

In the video shared on her Facebook page on Monday, Patience recalled when she and Mercy had a clash that drifted them apart.

The 65-year-old narrated how Mercy knelt before her and begged for forgiveness while they were together on an aircraft.

Patience disclosed that since that moment, Mercy has continuously overwhelmed her with gifts, leaving her astounded and questioning what she did to merit such enduring affection and support from her colleague.

“You have blessed me so much in this life, we quarrelled some time, in the aircraft you came out and knelt down and begged me forgiveness forgot your business class and gave me, You have come to see me in the hotel, you have never come empty-handed. What have I done to you? What did see in me?

“People wanted to… they saw the blessings that will come through you, they wanted to spoil our relationship and you did not agree and I did not agree, it’s not that I cannot afford this, but you just think of something to do for me, every time.

“People will go out of their way to bless you, In your life you will ever see good things, anybody that rises against you, God will rise against that person,” Patience Ozokwo said in parts.

Reacting to her prayers and kind words, Mercy who thanked Patience also expressed how much she loves and respects her.

In 2010, it was reported actresses engaged in a war of words that almost led to a physical fight on a movie set in Asaba.

Sources claimed Patience Ozokwo was given revealing clothes to wear on set, to depict the character she was playing in the film but Patience rejected the outfit, stating that she was not Mercy Johnson.