Bimbo Oshin posts rare video of 93-year-old mum

Bimbo Oshin

Actress Bimbo Oshin has posted a video of her 93-year-old mother on Instagram.

The video was shared by fellow actress Jaiye Kuti on Wednesday and it appeared on Bimbo’s Instagram account after Jaiye tagged her.

In the video the duo is seen with Bimbo’s son laughing as they share good moments together.

Jaiye also showed an elderly woman who she introduced as Bimbo’s mother.

“That’s our mama at 93, that’s Bimbo’s mum,” she said in the video.

Bimbo recently dismissed speculations that she was sick after her colleague Kunle Afod posted her photo on Instagram, asking for prayers.

The 50-year-old explained that the photo Kunle posted was taken from a movie set and he was only trying to appreciate her.

“We were on a movie set when this picture was taken . There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. @kunleafod was the director of the said movie, Kunle Afod was only appreciating me by this post. God bless you and be with you all in Jesus name,” she wrote.