Ayra Starr performs as MTN unveils new logo

Music star Ayra Star on Sunday brought her youthful energy to the stage as she performed at the MTN new logo unveiling which was announced during a press briefing in Lagos.

A video sent to Qed.ng on Monday captured the 19-year-old dancing as she thrilled the audience with her hit song ‘Bloody Samarithan’.

Using a contemplative slogan “What Are We Doing Today?” the company explained the context behind the new logo many had seen since February 16.

The latest rebranding is the second since the MTN Group was founded in 1994. Back in 2004, the changes made to the brand resulted in MTN taking ownership of the colour yellow that is now synonymous with MTN. Importantly, it also helped to elevate the brand to where it is today, recognised as the most valuable in Africa.

The company’s new logo forgoes the italics, the red underscore and the solid coloured oval present in the previous logo for a minimalist look that retains the oval (now represented as a solid outline) with the letters M-T-N nestled in it. These can be used against a sunshine yellow or plain white background in either black or yellow font colours.

Signed to Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records, Ayra caught the attention of the Nigerian audience with the release of her debut hit, ‘Away’, early last year.

In August, she released her debut album, 19 and Dangerous, which earned her the number 2 spot on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart in the same month.