How TB Joshua predicted Ukraine, Russia war

TB Joshua

Disciples of founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) the late Prophet TB Joshua have begun reposting to YouTube old videos of the clergyman warning against Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and foreigners have been displaced since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered what he called a “special military operation” in Ukraine on Thursday, February 24.

Ukrainian authorities say over 100 persons have been killed in the invasion, including civilians.

Making reference to a leading Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov who was shot and killed in central Moscow in 2015, Joshua said in an old video reposted to YouTube on February 24 that he sees such incident repeating itself, this time around a bigger personality would be involved.

“What happened to Russia last time which I kept to myself and I pray that the Lord protects everyone there, I still see the same thing happening; killing a hero even bigger than the one that was killed. Who could be bigger than the man that was shot in Russia? I’m talking to you in parable.

“Pray for the president of Russia and pray for the nations, Russia and Ukraine, over the whole thing that is happening there. That the Lord should redeem the nation and give them unity and peace,” he said.

One of Joshua’s prominent disciples Christopher Tonge on February 27 uploaded multiple clips on YouTube from Joshua’s archives.

Christopher uploaded the clips on a programme titled ‘The Legacy Lives On’ which he dedicated to “sharing words of wisdom and lessons of life” from Joshua.

In one of the clips culled from his 2013 ministration, Joshua advised against war, saying the aggressor will always suffer economic hardship afterwards.

He said leaders of nations sometimes think war is a way of bringing lasting peace, but they do not ask God who is peace himself if they should go to war.