Arthur Eze ‘buys’ another private jet

Arthur Eze

Businessman Arthur Eze has reportedly added another Gulfstream jet to his fleet of aircraft.

The aircraft is said to have cost him $45 million (about N27 billion), reports The Will.

Eze, a native of Anambra, also has penchant for Rolls Royce cars, with about five of them in his garage. He also reportedly owns about seven Maybach cars.

Giving insights to the aircraft’s model, the online newspaper said the production of the G450 was supposed to have stopped since 2018 as the G450 transitioned to the G500.

It added that a pre-owned G450 costs between $14 to $35m dollars, while a G65O version starts at $39m dollars. A G450 can travel up to 4350 nautical miles on a single tank of fuel.

It added that the G450 came to birth in 2004 and the last made was in 2017 with 354 made in total. It carries between 14 and a maximum of 16 passengers. The direct rivals of the G450 are the Bombardier Global 5000, Dessault Falcon 900 EX EASy and Embraer Legacy 650.