Halima Abubakar, Cossy Ojiakor fight dirty on Instagram

Halima Abubakar

Actress Halima Abubakar and her colleague Cossy Ojiakor have engaged in a messy fight in Instagram.

The drama started after rumours of Halima’s alleged affair with Apostle Johnson Suleman went viral. A blogger also speculated that the actress suffered from an infection during the relationship.

Reacting to the rumour in an Instagram post on Monday, Cossy claimed Halima was being punished for slandering her in the past.

“Well this was written by person who claim say them use am for ritual, aunty still get power to talks…… yes you tried your best to finish me but then you forgot I was already a landlady before you strike. It was slow but what I’m worth now will make you sit down in your rat hole, shey u done sell your house that is if you actually had one,” she wrote.

She continued: “Like I said my left breast is richer than you and your generation, anyway It’s all about post and delete. Deleting you because ur just a broke infected girl looking for how to make money from whoever. Superman likes women but juju. That’s a fucking lie. If them use you them go done press the remote make burst that ur useless swollen stomach. I no wan see you for any blog I dey follow. If I see you drag anyone I dey come for you.”

Halima also took to Instagram to lash out at Cossy as the duo expose each other’s past.

“But seriously I don’t have issues with you, I ignored you for a reason, cos you were mourning. Cheap bitch. Cossy o. Do you need more pictures because it’s not enough on your page. You wey I rescue after so many rapists rape you dey talk. I housed you for a year. No forget Demi is alive and the twins too. Cossy and bribe Na 5 and 6.

“Cossy wash and wear. Cossy the nippleless (sic) queen. Cossy say Na disease. Try stop wash and wear first. You need the money. My condolence. Rest, rest, rest Cossy.”