11 health wonders of bitter leaf

Bitter leaf

Bitter leaf, better known as ewuro in Yoruba language, is a common plant all around Nigeria, especially in the southwestern and southeastern parts. It is, however, strange that many do not know the amazing benefits that can be gotten from consuming it.

The bitter taste of bitter leaf makes it a blessing in disguise because it does a lot of wonders despite its unpleasant taste.

Here are 11 wonders bitter leaf can do to your body.

1 Improves appetite

A person who does not have an appetite to eat can chew the stem of the bitter leaf and in few minutes will be hungry. It’s absolutely amazing and children can try it too.

2 Cures measles

In Nigeria, the most common leaf used locally to treat measles is the bitter leaf. The leaf is mostly used with dry gin or palm oil. Mothers squeeze out the juice of the bitter leaf and then add the dry gin or palm oil to it and afterwards rub it on the affected child’s body and left for some time before the child bathes.

3 Treats body itch

When the body begins to itch and the cause is unknown, the bitter leaf juice can be used also to rub the body and left to dry off before washing it off.

4 Malaria treatment

Bitter leaf can be used to treat malaria without much stress. Just boil a handful of the leaves in four cups of water and keep the water aside. Drink the water three times a day.

5 Treats diabetes

Bitter leaf according to research has been found to have the ability to lower blood glucose. To use effectively, get fresh bitter leaves and pour already boiled water on it, allow it to cool down and then get the drink out and then take at least a cup in the morning and in the evening after meals.

6 Helps treat typhoid

Bitter leaf contains properties that help the body deal with bacteria. Typhoid can be treated well with bitter leaf. To use this, boil about 10 to 15 leaves of bitter leaf in water, allow it to cool and filter it. After filtering, add honey to a cup of bitter leaf you have filtered and drink it three times a day.

7 Cures ear inflammation

Squeeze the bitter leaf in appropriate quantity to get out the water. Put at least three drops of the water on the affected part of the ear. It can be repeated four to five times a day to get a quick result.

8 Toothache treatment

Bitter leaf can be used to treat a toothache. To use this, get fresh bitter leaf about 15grammes and boil it in three cups of water. After it is boiled, take half cup two times daily.

9 Prevents cancer

Bitter leaf used with turmeric can help the body develop a strong immune system as the leaf contain properties that can stop tumour growth in the body.

10 Reduces hypertension

Bitter leaf contains high amount of potassium which helps the body reduce the amount of salt responsible for hypertension.

11 Treats diarrhoea

Bitter leaf can be used to treat diarrhoea by boiling the dried bitter leaf in three cups of water, filter and drink half cup twice a day.