10 lies women tell

man and woman

While some women try very hard to be 100% honest with their men, there are some lies often told for the greater good or just because it is better than the truth.

Here are 10 of them.

  1. I am fine

The normal answer to the question, how are you is I am fine. Unfortunately most women just say this because they have to. One of the most common lies every woman tell is that they are fine when they are really not. To a woman “I am fine” means she cannot get into the details of what really happened especially if it is the man’s fault or he should just figure it out himself.

  1. Money is not really important

Truth be told, most women can settle with a man who is not rich but the bitter truth is that they would also prefer  it if the man they want can give them all the good things of life.  No woman wants to live a life of misery or difficulty.

  1. I love watching football with my boyfriend

No, she does not. She just has to say that to make herself feel better. Most times women do things for men as a form of compromise. While they might try to enjoy the activity, they never really enjoy it. Especially if the boyfriend is the type that can go hours just watching football.

  1. I am not jealous

Do not ever kid yourself that your girlfriend is not the jealous type. Every woman is jealous. Some just tend to hide it better than others. Most women say they are not jealous because they do not want to seem uncool, clingy or insecure. Instead of spitting out their insecurities they might just make you jealous.

  1. I love your family

Most times, women get along with their in-laws, but those that do not, will never tell you they do not like them. When women tell their boyfriend they do not like their family, it is like buying a ticket to breakup land. In order for a woman to keep her relationship intact, she laughs through it all and lie to you that she is totally in love with your family when she is not.

  1. I do not mind doing all the house chores.

A woman is expected to do the household chores like cook, wash and take care of the house. While this can be a pride for some women, others do not really appreciate the workload. Because a woman wants to impress a man, she tends to lie that she does not actually mind doing it when she actually hates it.

  1. I was wrong

Once a woman is at that point where she just cannot take the heat from an argument, she blurts out the statement “I was wrong”. She knows she is not wrong but she desperately needs to be the bigger person and end the fight.

  1. I’ll be ready in five minutes

No she will not. That is just what every woman says to make you feel better. When a woman is getting ready for a party or gathering, there is never enough time. They just round up a particular number so you stop screaming at them to finish up.

  1. I was kidding

Women avoid taking responsibility after saying something mean by saying they were kidding. She was not kidding; she was ignorant the words will hurt until it came out of her mouth.

  1. The sex was great

Every woman has told this lie at one point in their sex life. In order not to bruise a man’s ego, a woman will tell a man the sex they just had was great when it really was not even up to average.