What is on your mind during intercourse?


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“Ladies, where is your mind while you are engaging in sexual intercourse?”

“Haaa!! Pamela what type of question is this?”

“Just answer! Simple question. Where is your mind?”

Your mind is supposed to be in the same place where your body is. But no, some of us will be thinking of other things. Our minds would be wondering to our shops, what the children will eat for breakfast, the outfit we would wear for that event.

What exactly do they mean by cockroach brown and sea green? Your mind will be flying instead of concentrating on the activity you are supposed to be involved in.

Sex starts from the mind. You have to be aroused to enjoy what you are doing. You cannot be aroused if you are not fully involved in the activity itself. So if your body is present and your mind is not, that complexity is not complete.

You cannot commence the process of cooking, put the food on the fire and then go to another room, sit down to watch your favourite television programme. The food will cook itself, get burnt and ultimately become tasteless. You have to be physically present where you are preparing the food so you know when to add what ingredient and spices, check for taste, control the cooking heat and ultimately cooking time.

Sex is a complex interplay of the mind and the body. What we can refer to as the body-mind hypothesis. How a woman feels about her anatomy, her personality, her mood at the time prior to the sexual activity all count towards the body hypothesis. While her ability to cut off all extraneous thoughts, relax, allow herself to be touched and get aroused, all make up the mind hypothesis. This dynamics must interplay any which way for there to be orgasm which is the ultimate, the climax (pun intended) of any sexual activity.

Just as it takes the body and mind hypothesis to achieve a good sexual experience, it also takes two people. Gentleman, if you observe that your lady has travelled, say she don take mind comot wetin you and her wan do or wetin una don start, abeg use style call her come back.

Just before the guys start thinking it is only women that have their minds in all other places except where the action is happening during sexual intercourse, let me burst your bubble. Men too also stray in their thoughts. Some will carry the issues bothering them on their heads like Gala and they will not attain an erection. Some will attain and ejaculate in less than three minutes because the mind snapped out of focus for a while. What are you thinking about?

Bottom line is to be present with both your mind and your body during sexual intercourse.