10 reasons she dumped you

Unhappy couple

She dumped you without a specific reason and you are just moping around trying to figure out where or when it went bad for you both. You can stop cringing to your bed wishing she would come crawling and look at 10 reasons she left you out in the cold.

  1. She met someone else

Of course she met someone else, or why else would she break up with you? If a woman thinks she has met someone who is better than you in more ways than one, she is inclined to let you go and forge ahead.

  1. You have a baby mama drama

If Karrueche Tran can break up with Chris Brown over his baby mama drama, why can’t your woman do the same? Most women just cannot deal with their man having a separate life away from the one with them.

  1. You are too possessive

A relationship stops being fun when the man starts smothering the woman. Believe it or not, she does not want you all up in her business like her underpants. If you are the type that monitors her every move, your policeman duties might have just lost you the woman of your dreams.

  1. It got boring

You used to have fun, play with her and make her chuckle but all of sudden you stop doing these things. To her you are beginning to take her for granted and the spark is already missing in the relationship. Sorry, but she needs a little joy in her life.

  1. There was no future for you both

Why stay in a relationship that is obviously leading nowhere? When a woman sense that she is in a relationship with a man that does not share the same long term goals as hers, she tends to pull the curtain. Do not blame her, she does not want to be 40 and still remain in her parents’ house.

  1. You are broke

No she is not a gold digger; she is just a woman with excess wants and needs. Your inability to keep your girlfriend happy financially might be the reason she dumped you.

  1. You cheated again

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”: at least that is what is running through your ex-girlfriend’s head. If you are a habitual cheater, she has definitely had enough and wants to move on to better things or relationships.

  1. You are bad in bed

The oldest reason in the book, you are terrible in the sack. If she is the gentle type and does not want to ruin your ego, she will probably not tell you that the reason she broke up with you was because you suck in bed. But there is 90% chance that was the motive for her break up.

  1. You kept a huge secret from her

Do not ever think you can get away with keeping a secret from a woman. For example, if you slept with her best friend and did not tell her about it, there might be a huge trouble, especially if she heard it from someone else. If she dumps you out of the blue without an explanation, she might have uncovered your secret.

  1. You are abusive

A man can either be abusive verbally or physically. If your girlfriend had hoped you would change your bad acts and you did not, she had to stop the relationship. It is advisable you change your ways if you do not want to be single forever.