YouTube launches $100m Black Voices Fund for Nigerian artists, creators

Alex Okosi YouTube Emerging Markets EMEA MD Headshot

YouTube on Thursday announced that Nigerian artists and creators can apply for grants from its Black Voices Fund.

The global $100 million fund will over the next three years offer support to black artists and creators so that they can thrive on YouTube.

Managing Director, Emerging Markets, YouTube EMEA Alex Okosi said the fund will invest with the intention to “present fresh narratives that emphasise the intellectual power, authenticity, dignity and joy of black voices, as well as to educate audiences about racial justice.”

The $100 million fund was first announced in June. It has since been officially named the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund.

Mr Okosi said this year the fund will be focusing its efforts on creators within the US, Brazil and Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

“Our goal is to expand funding to more countries over the course of the next three years,” he added.

“Additionally, we hope to provide a consistent drumbeat of educational training, workshops, and community events to black creators and artists globally.”

The #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund is part of the work currently underway to ensure that YouTube is a place where black artists, creators and users can share their stories and be protected.

“Along with our commitment to amplifying marginalised voices on the content side, we are also investing in product and policy changes that will continue to advance YouTube’s mission of giving everyone a voice and showing them the world,” Okosi said. 

YouTube is in the process of rolling out product changes to make creator moderation tools more streamlined.

Interested artists and creators can apply for funding here.