You’re encouraging greed, corruption, Chioma Ifemeludike tackles Mary Lazarus

Actress Chioma Ifemeludike has tackled her colleague Mary Lazarus for saying she is willing to collect money from politicians seeking her vote.

Mary said this in an Instagram post on Monday.

“If any Politician gives me money to vote for him/her…. I will gladly collect the money… Na my money… Especially the ones wey don rule before…. But I go use my head vote. Don’t reject their money or gifts, #nationalcake,” the actress wrote.

Disappointed over her colleague’s statement, Ifemeludike stormed Instagram to tackle Mary. She noted that her statement was an act of greed, adding that only a dumb person would say such.

Ifemeludike also accused Mary of encouraging corruption saying she could be arresting for her statement.

“How can a public figure encourage citizens to collect money from polithiefians in exchange for vote? In a functioning society she could be arrested for promoting unpatriotism and encouraging corruption,” she began.

“Whoever thinks that taking money from a politician and not voting them is smartness is just really dumb, why do you even need money from someone you don’t want to vote into power? That’s greed,shows lack of integrity and exactly how we got here. This same hunger mentality is why young girls date multiple men,faking love just for the money. We’ve successfully killed trust, truth and commitment in Nigeria and we dare talk of a better society?

“My people say if you reject the devil, you reject his evil works.This is a primitive and archaic mindset and it’s unfortunate that some of these celebrities are negatively influencing our society. You can’t hear an average American, Chinese or European celebrity publicly say they will take money from a politician in exchange for votes. We need to understand that if we must rebuild Nigeria to be great then we must bury our hunger mentality and quest for national cake.

“You don’t need money from people with questionable intentions, most importantly you don’t need money to make critical decisions for the future of your children. Biko anytime we wish to talk about governance and politics let’s endeavour to send the right message, this is the only country that’s originally ours, if we fail our children’s children will suffer it,” the actress concluded.