Your ex-wife did nothing wrong, Shan George tackles Emeka Ike

Actress Shan George has tackled her colleague Emeka Ike for calling out his ex-wife Emma whom he accused of denying him access to his kids.

Emeka, who was absent from the movie screen for a long time, narrated his marriage ordeal in a recent interview on Channels Television’s ‘Rubbin’ Minds’, hosted by Hero Daniels.

He claimed that when the reports of him assaulting his wife made rounds, he had talked to her and she had denied it, without knowing that she was the one behind the news.

Emeka claimed that his marital drama led him into depression, which drove him to hide from the spotlight because he was ashamed.

He said in parts: “It is difficult to clarify things online cause the same people that bully you on the internet are still there and would make you feel otherwise when you speak up. If you aren’t prepared to handle it you will be crushed.

“My secondary school, Saint Nicholas Collage on CMD Road, Magodo was shut down, over N480 million investment was shut down and all I heard was “constant battery”. I was even asking my wife at that time if I beat her and she said since I am a star, people are manipulating things.

“I felt I was gullible until I realized she was actually the one behind it. Some ladies are too desperate for a marriage lately and she actually told me that she was not the marriage type, but I didn’t understand it. But the young men need to know that there are plenty of ladies who aren’t the marriage type.

Reacting to the allegations, Shan George who seemed displeased over the interview, fired at her colleague whom she asked to focus on promoting his comeback film Malaika and stop talking about his ex-wife.

Shan said that Emma did nothing wrong and should be left alone.

How my ex-wife made me lose access to kids over alleged assault – Emeka Ike

“Emeka Ike should just promote the movie he’s trying to promote and leave Emma out of it. Emma has not done anything wrong. Emeka Ike rest abeg”.

The court granted Emeka custody of the four children but ordered that Suzanne should be granted unhindered access to them.

Suzanne in the petition filed before the court accused Emeka of incessant beating, molestation, and torture, which she said she could no longer endure.

But Emeka in his response denied beating, molesting, or torturing his wife.

Emeka Ike married his South African wife, Yolanda Pfeiffer in a low-key wedding early in 2019.