Writer berates Baba Suwe’s son for displaying dad’s corpse on social media

Baba Suwe

Writer Odolaye Baa Waki Aremu has criticised the son of late veteran actor Baba Suwe for displaying his father’s corpse on social media.

Baba Suwe died on Monday November 22, 2021.

Reacting, one of his children uploaded a video on Instagram displaying the actor’s corpse while expressing his grieve.

Outraged by the boy’s deeds, writer Odolaye Aremu took to Facebook on Monday to knock him for his actions, the writer also accused him of disrespecting the deceased and chasing clout with his late father’s name.

“If Baba Suwe’s son is just as daft to dishonor his father’s corpse the way he did, I beseech you, friends of mine, to please not be dafter by helping him spread his social disease up and about!

“Allow the buck stop with you! Let there be a ceiling for your wanton need for clicks, likes, clout-chasing and media attention. Show your love by your restraint. Show your love by respecting his deceased state. Remember he once was a vibrant human like the rest of us! Thank You And May God Bless You,” he wrote.

Baba Suwe began his acting career in 1971, he is well known for his comic roles in movies.

He came into the limelight after he featured in the film Omolasan, a film produced by Obalende.

The late actor lost his wife Omoladun Omidina in 2009.

He is survived by three children.