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The secrets of tomorrow’s success might be hiding in what we waste today. Show me your waste management systems and I will tell you who you are. No system is blessed with a hundred percent efficiency so, things go to waste. However, the best people limit waste to a minimum. They convert today’s waste into tomorrow’s raw materials.

The ugliest cities on the planet tend to have the ugliest waste disposal systems.  Refuse plied to the rafters, stench everywhere and water drainages blocked as things fall apart. Waste piled up blocking the flow of other waste channels leads to a big fat mountain of waste.

The wise will devote a great deal of talent, time and hard work to find ways of limiting waste. As it is with cities, so it is with people. But unlike refuse which looks ugly, people have perfected the art of wasting resources with style and aplomb.  Some waste money with such panache that frugal onlookers are tempted to look down on themselves. Waste can sometimes be entertaining to watch. The guy who buys three cars of the exact same specifications in different colours to go with his clothes slips into folklore and gives everyone something to talk about, till he runs out of money and the folklore moves to another house.

I have seen people waste things and I do not think a time will ever come when everybody is thoughtful and introspectively seeking out waste to be more efficient.

Here are my top 10 things I find that people waste.


Everything takes time and everyone alive has time to use how they please.  Television was invented to keep those unsure of what to do with their time occupied.


Cash is king and we all have a bit of royalty in our pockets. This is a king that intoxicates you into thinking that it multiplies in the wallet like amoeba when what it does is sprout out wings and fly away. The trick is to nail it down in investments so that it flies out of the nests but returns at intervals to lay golden eggs.


Blondes have more fun they say. There is an element of truth in that. Beautiful people are never short of admirers. But, there exists a strange breed of beautiful ones. They hate publicity and hide their faces from the world. No social media. Ha!!!!  And you are beautiful?

Do these people know that they will die one day and they would lie in state (against their will) and all the people they did not want gazing into their faces would do so at a time they cannot airbrush themselves? Make hay while the sun shines, is all I can say. Flaunt your beauty.

Brain power

Watching television instead of reading leads to an underdeveloped brain. There is so much educational material online that anyone who chooses to could learn just about anything. An inquisitive mind that is hungry for knowledge, helps to keep the brain constantly developing.


The body needs exercising and freedom from noxious chemicals and gases. The body weakens and wastes away when not exercised, washed, fed and watered well.  Strength goes and so does quality of life when the body continues to be unfit for purpose.


This is a period that occurs just once, characterised by high levels of strength and low levels of experience which helps in producing a stupendous amount of courage to attempt the impossible. That is why novel start-ups have young founders.  Unfortunately, some waste their youth watching other youths attempt and succeed at doing the impossible. In the end, it becomes too late to “chase that dream”.

If I knew then what I known now………………………


What if Michael Jackson worked in the post office and told his colleagues his hobby was dancing? Or perhaps Ronaldo worked as a bank clerk and indulged in football at home on weekends when he could find the time or energy?

Behold the curse of the hobby!  Some call their world-class talents hobbies and don’t make its continuous development and exploitation their life’s goal.


Too lazy to write ideas down?  Too lazy to start the preliminary moves of making these ideas a reality? Soon the ideas stop coming and move next door.


We should nurture good relationships and generally be kind to those we come into contact with. There is nothing as irritating as hearing from a ‘friend’ who needs something and they start the small talk with, “how is the baby?” to which you reply “he is just about to start secondary school”.


Sometimes the planets are in alignment and a great stride can be taken at a fraction of the usual effort. The cursed will procrastinate on a day like this and forever sing the “had I known” song.  Some opportunities are never coming back so never waste them. Sudden windfalls, opportunities for business, opportunities to network with important individuals, all these opportunities of a life time must be grabbed with two hands and exploited to the maximum.  Individuals might suddenly find a market for their well-honed skills while countries might discover huge reserves of natural resources. Sudden wealth is usually wasted and I would strongly recommend one year of counselling to anyone who suddenly strikes it rich.

Waste management – an example

Some waste of time is inevitable like the case of a guy who spent two hours in traffic jams on his daily commute to work. These 10 hours trapped in the car were mostly spent listening to the radio which provided jingles, promotions and mindless pop music.

He struck on the idea of listening to audio books and now does two books a week during his commute.  He warns anyone asking for a lift that his car is his library so no “gisting” allowed.

Teds, business podcasts and documentaries follow and in a few months his colleagues at work notice he has become more knowledgeable about business in general but slightly behind in the latest celebrity gossip.

Who celebrity epp?