5 ways to save money during night out with friends

Many people spend so much when they go on a night out with friends that their accounts become red the following day. In this recession, it is essential for you to party and save money at the same time. Jumia Travel shares how you can save money when you go partying with friends and lovers.

  1. Set a budget

Items at clubs are very expensive that even if you can afford them, it may lead you to overspend. You can prepare a budget listing the food and drinks you want to buy depending on the number of friends. It is nice to spell out how much you will spend that night and abide by it.

  1. Don’t order for more rounds

If you are the one bankrolling the night out, friends will be tempted to order more bottles since they are getting it for free. Don’t fall for this. Make it clear to them that they are not allowed to order for more rounds. Oftentimes, the persons who orders for more don’t contribute anything than their mouth for drinking and eating.

  1. Stay at home

You really want to party and you don’t have enough to spend and your friends are still looking up to you to finance it. If you don’t want to, you should just stay at home and perhaps turn off your phone.

  1. Go to the club early

Many of us prefer to go to a club very late rather than early. It doesn’t matter if the club is located near to you or in one of the best hotels around. There are so many benefits going early to a club because you may avoid paying entry fees as well as buy drinks and beverages at reduced rates.

  1. Leave your debit card at home

Most clubs own POS machines for easier settlement of bills. This is the easiest way to spend money. When you are intoxicated, you may begin to receive inspiration to spend more and if you are out of cash, you call on your ATM card. But if you leave your card at home, you will be very conscious of what you do at the club.

Contributed by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, PR Associate, Jumia Travel

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