Vwaere Diaso: Doctor who died in elevator accident buried

Doctor Vwaere Diaso who died in elevator crash

The medical doctor Vwaere Daiso, who died in an elevator accident at the General Hospital in Odan, Lagos Island on August 1, has been laid to rest.

Her sister Ese Daiso confirmed the burial.

In a tribute to the deceased, Ese said on Tuesday: “Today my sister was buried. The pain my family and I are going through is indescribable.

“To so many people Vwaere is just another sad story of how the Nigerian government has and continues to fail its people but she’s more than that.

“She was a daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, niece, our dockie who worked tirelessly helping people.

“We want her to be remembered as the beautiful, hardworking, loving, selfless, caring and intelligent woman she was. Vwaere even though you are no longer physically here with us you will live on in our hearts. Thank you for all the amazing memories.


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“We will cherish them forever. We would like to thank and appreciate every single person that attended her funeral today. Thank you for all the support and well wishes in this difficult time. Vwaere is resting now.”

Diaso, 24, was on a one-year internship at the hospital and had only about two weeks to complete her programme before her death.

Lagos State Government instituted a panel over the incident.

The panel disclosed that the elevator plunged down the building at exactly 6:50 pm and that it took nearly an hour before the damaged doors were forced open and Diaso brought out.