How vlogger Eboh George was killed by gunmen – Friend

Vlogger Eboh George

Vlogger Eboh George has been shot dead by gunmen who attacked him and other travellers in Enugu State.

The travel content creator was returning from Benue State when he was ambushed at Four Corners junction along the Enugu-Umuahia Expressway on October 11.

Eboh, who was based in Asaba, was reportedly in transit with his friends when they were attacked. The shooters allegedly abducted his friend.

The vlogger had travelled to film in Benue and Enugu and was travelling back to Asaba when he was attacked.

Eboh, 30, reportedly left his wife and son abroad and returned to Nigeria, intending to showcase the country’s beauty to the world through his videos.

Eboh was until his death running a vlog known as Eboh Media with over 45,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Another YouTuber known as Mrs Ranciz made a video celebrating the memories she shared with Eboh. The video was posted on Eboh’s YouTube channel.

“I could tell him anything. I literally forced myself on him, I’m not even going to lie. I loved him so much. Ever since I saw him, I made him my friend by force,” the teary lady said in the video.

Grieved by the death of Eboh, YouTuber and filmmaker Tayo Aina tweeted on Monday, “He wanted to showcase the beauty of Nigeria through his videos and now he is dead. Can you just fu**ing imagine!”

Eboh will be buried on November 9.