I learnt my daughter was a lesbian four years ago – Charly Boy

Charly Boy and daughter Dewy Oputa

Entertainer and activist, Charly Boy, says he has accepted his lesbian daughter’s sexual orientation having discovered she was gay four years ago.

Dominique Oputa, also known as Dewy, recently came out of the closet when she posted pictures with her lesbian partner on social media and the couple opened an Instagram account.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with QedTV (video below), her 67-year-old father said he learnt about it long before it became public knowledge.

The man born Charles Oputa added that he does not care about people’s sexual orientation as long as they are “good souls”.

“I have a daughter who is gay, and I have known this for the past four years.”

He said although he was not too happy, “but it is her life and she is past 25.”

He added that he fought with himself to see how calm he would be about the discovery because he had other plans for her.

“I was fighting within myself to see how cool and how calm I can be about it all even though I had other plans for her,” he continued.

He said he thought it was a phase that would pass and even tried to sell marriage to the young woman when her older sister got married earlier in the year but she did not buy it.

“Like I said, to each his own. As long as she is happy, she is not hurting anybody, she is not putting the Oputa name in jeopardy like that, I’m okay.

“It may not be what I want, but if she is happy, that’s what counts,” he added.