Nkechi Blessing comes out as ‘lesbian’ after break up with Opeyemi Falegan

Actress Nkechi Blessing declared that she is a ‘lesbian’ moments after announcing her break up with Opeyemi Falegan.

The actress said this in an Instagram live session on Wednesday after an Instagram blogger claimed her break up Falegan was due to her sexual relationships with other fellow women.

Reacting to the claims, Nkechi, while beating her chest in rage, affirmed that she is a lesbian and is proud of it.

“I’m coming out with my full chest that I’m a lesbian, so what now happened? This life will end? If you say I’m a lesbian, yes with my full chest, I am. I f**k girls a lot if that’s what you want to hear, Is there any fine girl around I want to collabo” she said.

“A lot of you are stuck in a relationship because of what people will say Ko ni da fun people! You can love someone and still let dem go. Uncle weyre enjoy the last fame for a few days and go back to the nobody you are. You think say you been catch big fish? Me wat still dey beg God. Want to turn me to a beggar for Instagram cus of a useless foundation. Who begs money from people to help others? If you no get abeg rest,” she added.