VIDEO: Crew member arrested for allegedly stealing on Peggy Ovire’s movie set

Peggy Ovire

Actress Peggy Ovire has exposed a production crew member who was arrested for allegedly stealing a gas cylinder and other items on her movie set.

The wife of actor Frederick Leonard, via her Instagram page on Monday night, shared a video of the alleged thief.

According to Peggy, she met the man while filming at an apartment, noting that immediately the job was over, the guy stole a power generator.

She alleged he returned some weeks later to steal a gas cylinder but was caught.

Alerting filmmakers, Peggy told them to be wary of the man.

She wrote in parts, “Dear filmmakers, this post is for you all to Never employ this guy called Chizoba I met him on a production I was in, the production I was in, the production was filming at an apartment I have them to rent, immediately the job was over this guy came back, made sure neighbors had gone to work during the day. Stole generator parts 2 weeks ago & went to sell the part worth 80k for 15k, he later came back on Saturday pretending like he was helping to refill the gas cylinder but stole the Gas cylinder & took it again to sell. All the neighbors were at alert.“


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