Frederick Leonard, Peggy Ovire step out for first time after traditional wedding

Frederick Leonard and Peggy Ovire

Newly wedded couple Frederick Leonard and Peggy Ovire have stepped out together for the first time after their traditional wedding.

Peggy posted a video of the duo on Instagram on Wednesday vibing to a love song while driving to their destination.

In the video, Frederick could be seen driving while Peggy sang the love song that was playing in the background as she filmed them.

The couple got married in Warri, Delta State on Saturday, November 19.

Peggy subsequently changed the last name in her Instagram bio from Ovire to Leonard. She posted a video on Instagram on Sunday, November 20 with the caption: “Allow me to re-introduce myself. Mrs Leonard.”

The wedding ceremony was attended by their colleagues such as Destiny Etiko, Mary Igwe, Junior Pope, Blossom Chukwujekwu and Ugezu U. Ugezu.