Usain Bolt takes two women back to hotel after marathon birthday celebration

Usain Bolt took to the stage at an exclusive London nightclub on Monday during a second night of partying to celebrate his 30th birthday.

MailOnline claims he took two girls back to his hotel.

Usain Bolt

Fresh from his Olympic victory in Rio, the sprint superstar picked up the microphone and partied with revellers at Soho’s circus-themed venue Cirque le Soir.

Footage shows the sprinter, dressed all in black wearing a snapback and sunglasses, on stage surrounded by club goers as he continued to celebrate his birthday and his ‘triple treble’ Olympic gold medal haul.

The club posted the video of Bolt to its Instagram page and said: “He really is the fastest man on the planet! He left the Olympic closing ceremony in time for La Monday! Hope you enjoyed your party champ, @usainbolt.”

The Jamaican downed shots and champagne inside the venue and stayed until about 4.30am.

Bolt is believed to have made an early exit from the Brazilian capital on Sunday night, missing the closing ceremony completely to head for London.

“He skipped the closing ceremony in Rio because he wanted to come party with his Cirque le Soir family – he’s been coming here for years. I’ve seen him here about five or six times before,” a waitress, Yvett, 23, told MailOnline.

“We gave him the mic and he was telling everybody it had been his birthday a couple of days ago.

“People were buying him drinks – champagne, Sex on the Beach, Kamikaze shots – everybody was just appreciating him and celebrating his gold medals.”

It comes after he allegedly spent the night in Rio with 20-year-old mum-of-two Jady Duarte, who is said to be the widow of one of Brazil’s most dangerous drug lords.

Duarte told of how she was “dying of shame” after pictures of the pair, which appear to share them cuddling and kissing, were shared worldwide despite her claiming to have only sent them to “girlfriends” on WhatsApp.

She went on to describe her night with the Olympic megastar as “normal”.

Footage of the Olympian dancing with yet another girl during the night out has also circulated on Twitter.

The blowout marked the sprinter’s final Olympics at which he won three gold medals in the 100 meters, the 200 meters and the 4×100-meter relay.

Last week, it was claimed Bolt is in a long-term relationship with 26-year-old fellow Jamaican, Kasi Bennett.