UNILORIN student who attacked me said I tried to kill him — Lecturer

A lecturer at the department of microbiology, University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Rahmat Zakariya has revealed that the final-year student Salaudeen Aanuoluwa who attacked her first accused her of trying to kill him.

Salaudeen was expelled by the school earlier this week after assaulting Zakariya to unconsciousness on November 11. He had unsuccessfully tried to get her to grant him a waiver for missing the student industrial training (SIWES) course.

Zakariya told Daily Trust in an interview published on Saturday that she did not throw a mug at the student as alleged.

“The story of me throwing a mug at him is baffling to me. What chance did I have? There was none. This was someone who barged into my office and was saying I sent someone to kill him. He was banging on my table and punching me. So, how is it possible for me to throw a mug at him? ” she asked.

Zakariya said she was not the student’s supervisor, nor his level adviser, but was only a lecturer at the department and the SIWES coordinator.

She said Salaudeen told her he missed the SIWES because he was ill and she asked him to get a medical report to that effect.

“When he barged into my office, he did so with a smile in his face. The courteous thing was to knock and open but he just pushed the door with force, addressing me by my name that Zakariya why am I after his life and why did I send one Azeez to come and kill him,” she said.

“He was asking me in Yoruba how much I paid the people I sent to kill him. What do I have to do with someone of such character?”

The lecturer said two female students were in the inner lab at the time Salaudeen began assaulting her.

“There were two of my female students in the inner lab who came pleading with him to let go of me. One was a Niqobite and the other one was a very slim girl. But he threatened to kill them before he kills me if they moved closer,” she said.

Zakariya said she had never experienced such thing since she joined the university about eight years ago.

Her attacker has been handed over to the police for prosecution.