#UltimateLoveNG: Sylvia asks Jerry if he really loves her

Ultimate Love new additions, Uche, Jerry, Sylvia, Presh Talker

Sylvia, one of the love guests on reality TV show, Ultimate Love, has caused a storm on social media, after she asked her partner, Jerry, if he really loves her.

The duo had a candid discussion on Wednesday to ascertain the state of their relationship.

Jerry and Sylvia were among the new love guests who joined the show on February 14.

Sylvia, 23, is a student and entrepreneur whose principles are rooted in tradition. Jerry, however, is 36 and is a soft-spoken actor from Delta State who “believes expressing yourself in a relationship is very important.”

It initially did not seem like they were into each other. Viewers also did not appear optimistic about the pairing. They, however, came up with the nickname Jervia.

Jerry’s reply sent the alarm bells ringing when he said: “I like you but not in that kind of way.”

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